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Dog Gear Tote and Travel Bags

The Dog Gear Totes and Travel Bags are designed to organize all your pet’s essentials when on the go.

Practical, convenient and well-constructed, these bags are designed to make your life easy. All our totes and travel bags come with accessories that will remind you of all that your pup may need when away from home: dog toys, food and treats, blanket, change of clothes, booties and more. It’s all there… in your pet’s Dog Gear Bag. Looking for a convenient solution for moving around? Check out our Best Pet Travel Tote Bag with Wheels. Designed to glide smoothly across the ground, these bags take the strain off carrying your pet, making your journeys more comfortable and less tiring.

We your dog is your fur-kid and you want them with you at all time. Convenient and comfortable, our travel bags come equipped with food containers, collapsible bowls and meet most airline carry-on luggage requirements. t’s never been easier to plan and pack for your next getaway or excursion.

Our travel bags are designed for smaller or larger pets. They come equipped with 5 or 15 cup food containers and smaller (2 cups capacity) or larger (5 cups capacity) collapsible silicone dog bowls.

We're proud to offer some of the Best Travel Tote Bags in Canada. Our bags stand out for their durability, practicality, and luxurious Design, making them a favorite among Canadian pet owners.

Remember to check out our Dog Travel Gear Checklist before your next trip. This handy guide will ensure you don't forget any of your pet's essentials.

Labrador puppy happily chewing his toys. That's something you wont forget with your Dog Gear Bags.