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5 easy fantasy tricks to teach your dog

5 easy fantasy tricks to teach your dog

Do you want to take your relationship with your furry friend to the next level?

Do you want to take your relationship with your furry friend to the next level? Most of us have seen shows where animals are jumping through hoops or even learning a few tricks, and wished we could do that too. Well the good news is: it’s completely possible! You can teach any dog some fun fantasy skills at home, making time spent together more special than ever. All you need is determination and lots of patience. Here are 5 easy fantasy tricks for dogs that will bring joy to both of you – read on to find out how it’s done!



Teaching your dog simple tricks is a great way to bond with your furry friend, and the satisfaction of seeing him succeed at a trick you've taught him is priceless! Here are five easy fancy tricks to get started. The first is "sit," an essential habit for a dog to master, which can also help with more advanced training. To begin, prepare some tasty dog treats and stand in front of your dog. With one hand, make a "sit" sign at the height of your dog's nose, and coax him by gently lifting the treat upward (a few inches above his muzzle) to sit naturally. Each time he sits, reward him with an appropriate treat and lots of verbal praise to reinforce his behavior!



Teaching your dog to give you its paw can be a rewarding trick for owners and their dog! First, get your pup in an upright position and hold out either one of your hands a few inches or centimeters away from him. Attract the dog’s attention with a treat situated on that same hand while you say “paw.” If they don't do it right away, gently press the dog's front paw against your hand. This should help them understand what it is being asked—once they give their paw, treat them with kind words and that treat reward! Repeating this process over several training sessions will ensure your dog learns the trick quickly. After some practice, your dog should be giving his paw to you in no time!



Teaching your dog the "down" turn is actually quite easy. Start by pointing to the floor and giving the command. If your dog obeys and lies down, you can then reward him with a treat or a kind word. If your dog seems confused, coax him with a treat: take a treat from his muzzle on the ground and hold it in your hand on the ground. The dog should naturally look for the answer and lie down. Once he lies down and is rewarded for this action, you can continue to get him to stay in this position longer. With a little patience and repetition of these steps, your dog will soon be able to perform this fun trick!



Teaching your dog a fantasy trick is an excellent dog bonding tool, but it can also be a fun challenge. As rewarding as teaching them may be, training your dog to give kisses on command can take some patience and practice. Start by showing your dog a treat and offer them rewards for any nose-to-face contact they make with you. Make sure to reinforce that behavior with small treats or verbal praise until they begin to understand the connection between actions and rewards. Gradually decrease treats until your pup gives kisses each time without one, then add the command word of “kiss” or “Kisses!” as they lean in, eventually teaching them the cue word. With steady dog training practices, you'll find that teaching your pup how to give kisses on command will become easy in no time!



Teaching your dog a fun trick is a great way to bond with him and keep him entertained. If you're looking for a simple but impressive trick to add to your dog's repertoire, why not teach him to turn? Fortunately, this is an easy trick that you can familiarize your dog with fairly quickly. First, ask your dog to sit, then take his reward by standing behind him. Then, pivot around him when you say "turn". After you've done this a few times, begin to turn away from your dog as you say "Turn! As you go through the training process, gradually ask your dog to turn more and more often, until he has mastered the exercise. Before you know it, you'll have a talented dog!



Using a cliker or any precise word is a great way to help your dog learn faster. When the dog responds correctly, give it a vocal command (like "YES") or use your clicker and provide a reward such as treats or affection; this will allow them to associate the reinforcements with their behavior more quickly. With practice, your dog should easily learn new tasks or behaviors. Remember: consistency is key for dog training success!





At the end of the day, dogs just want to please us and make us happy. So next time you’re thinking about ways to entertain your dog or tire them out, remember these five easy fantasy tricks that will have them begging for more in no time. Do you have any other tips or tricks for teaching dogs? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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