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Australian Shepherd Dog laying on dock in the summer.

No matter how long you and your pet want to be away from home, be it a day at the park or an extended adventure, we have the bag that's perfect for your furry friend.


Never leave home without your pet’s essentials any longer; Dog Gear Canada packing and travelling solutions are ideal when on the go. Just grab your Dog Gear bag and rest assured that you’ll have all your dog needs covered when out and about.

All our systems included built-in waste bags dispenser, recharge rolls and are designed to be both comfortable and stylish. Our travel bags, backpack and dog carrier hold food, bowls, and plenty of room for accessories and toys.

Peace of mind when on the go with your dog! 


Be it for a short stay, a stroll in the park, organizing your car or travelling by air,Dog Gear Canada is determined to offer convenient packing and luggage solutions. It’s easy and all in one place.

Dog Gear’s dog carriers double as travel bags, the walking bags are designed for day or night with their reflective bands and flashlight, and the travel bags can hold your dog’s gear and yours.

Our multifunctional systems that fit your everyday life with your best friend.

Robust and Stylish

Dog Gear Canada designs dog bags and accessories that will last and look good.

Our bags, pet carrier and car organizer are made of sturdy ballistic polyester and feature plenty of compartments to cleanly organize your pet’s belonging. All our products are lined for easy clean-up, zippers are selected to withstand everyday use and our padded straps are adjustable for your comfort.

Convenient, smart and stylish packing and organizing solutions for your loved pet.

 Full collection of Dog Gear Canada products. Convenient when on the go with your dog.