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Christmas with doggo

Christmas with doggo

Hi fellow dog mom! As Christmas is approaching, have you thought about what gift to get your doggo?

If you're struggling to come up with ideas, don't worry - I've got you covered. In this blog post, I'll share some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs (and their moms) that will make both of you happy. So let's get started!

A doggy bed - this will be their new favourite spot to sleep in and they'll love you for it!

Dogs are such loyal companions and they certainly deserve the best when it comes to comfort. That's why getting them a special doggy bed is such a great idea! It's cozy, snuggly and will be the perfect spot for your pup to take their afternoon naps in. Show that you care about them by making sure this is one of the best spots in the house, full of love and cuddles just for your furry pal - they'll show you lots of appreciation when they settle down for a nice snooze in their new favourite spot!

A doggy coat or jumper - perfect for keeping them warm on walks during winter

Winter can be a difficult time of year for our four-legged friends, but with the right clothing they can still enjoy their daily walks just as much as usual! A doggy coat or jumper is perfect for keeping them warm and cozy even in the coldest outdoor weather. Not only are these garments designed to keep Fido from shivering - they also come in fashionable colors and styles so your pup can look their best for those evening strolls! With one of these snazzy outfits, you won't have to worry about your canine companion being too chilly on your next adventure together.

A set of doggy toys - they'll have hours of fun playing with these, and you can even join in too!

Give your pup some playtime with this great set of doggy toys! Your canine companion will love running around and playing fetch; there's a ball, frisbee, and rope toy included so they have plenty of options to pick from. Plus, you'll have fun too - join in the game and give your pup an extra special day. Who knows, you might even discover a new hobby together!

Some tasty treats - all dogs love a good treat, and you can use these as rewards for good behaviour too

Treats are a great way to show your pup some love and reward them for good behavior. It doesn't have to be a biscuit or anything store bought. There are plenty of healthy DIY treat recipes out there, like frozen banana slices and peanut butter which are sure to make their tails wag. Or why not try baking up some homemade dog-friendly treats with cooked eggs, oats, and apple sauce? While you're at it, snacks packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins can give them extra energy throughout their day and who knows - they may even develop a new favourite snack!

A Mobile Dog Gear bag - prepare your baby dog for the next adventures

Looking for the perfect way to get your furry friend ready for their next adventure? A mobile dog gear bag is the way to go! It will store all of the essential items needed to make sure your baby dog has a safe and fun time- whether you are hitting up the local park or taking a road trip. Equipped with multiple compartments and pockets, it's great for organizing treats, water bottles, toys and more. And since it's designed to be lightweight and comfortable, you can carry it on any outing - just like bringing along a mini house for your pup! Everyone loves spending quality time together outdoors- so why not give them even more pawsitive experiences with mobile dog gear bags?


Get your pup set for their first winter with these five must-have items! They'll be cosy, stylish and happiest dog on the block - what more could you want? Head to our website now to pick up everything on this list and more. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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