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5 activities to do with your dog

5 activities to do with your dog

Do you have a furry companion in your life that loves to take on activities with you?

Do you have a furry companion in your life that loves to take on activities with you? If so, there are plenty of fun things you can do together. Whether it’s going for walks around the neighborhood or engaging in play time at the park, spending time with your pup is an excellent way to enjoy quality bonding moments. And luckily enough, there are numerous dog-friendly activities that can keep both two and four legged family members entertained. Read on as I share five great ideas for outdoor exercises and leisurely pastimes that you and your pup can fully appreciate!


Canicross is an amazing activity that combines dog-led running with an adventurous spirit. In canicross, humans and their dog partners don harnesses linked together with a bungee cord to share the load and enjoy a great workout. The dog steers and sets the pace for this outdoor fitness activity, so you are both getting the exercise you need and perhaps providing a few laughs at how determinedly your dog leads the way! Not only does this form of exercise provide physical benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and muscle toning, but also mental benefits like increased concentration, coordination, focus and endurance - plus an abundant amount of bonding time between dog and pet owner. Whether you are just looking for regular weekend exercise or want to join canicross races in your spare time, this dog-led activity will prove to be an unforgettable opportunity.


Dog lovers who love being active outdoors can try dog bikejoring! Dog bikejoring is essentially dog-powered biking. It combines dog sledding, dog carting and dog scootering and allows the dog to pull you along while you cycle! Not only is it a great way of getting exercise, but it's an amazing bonding opportunity for you and your pup. By having the dog in control of your speed and direction, they will learn that their behavior can have an impact on the environment around them. Best of all, this activity can easily be tailored to different breeds and fitness levels—so no need to worry about leaving anyone out! If you’re looking for an activity that keeps both you and your dog active and engaged at once, canine bikejoring may be just the ticket.

Activity on water

Taking your dog out on the water with you can be a wonderful experience! Paddling with your pup alongside you creates an unforgettable bond while enjoying spending time outdoors. With some preparation and a few safety tips, you and your dog will have no trouble getting comfortable on the water. Before hopping into a canoe or kayak, make sure it is large enough to comfortably accommodate both you and your dog. Familiarize yourself with the basics of paddling such as proper grip, stroke technique, and making right-hand turns. A dog life jacket is also necessary when paddling with a pup - it is the only way to guarantee their safety. Not only does this benefit your dog, but it also allows for a better paddling experience for both of you, allowing for more control over the vessel. Plus, going out together strengthens your connection as owners and creates an emotional bond that will last beyond your paddling session!

Dog coffee

Ever been to a dog-friendly café? Dog coffee shops are becoming a popular trend among pet owners and dog lovers, offering an enjoyable and unique experience for dog owners and their furry friends. With dog-friendly places popping up all over the country, it's no wonder why dog coffee shops are gaining in popularity. Not only can dog owners enjoy a hot cup of joe with their pup, but they can also take advantage of many other services these cafés offer. From providing free treats to the dogs to dog-sitting services while the owner is enjoying their coffee, dog coffee shops are perfect for those looking to spend quality time with their canine companion. What’s more, these dog-specialty cafes provide a welcoming environment both to pet owners and animal lovers alike while increasing public awareness about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Overall, there are many activities that you can do with your dog to have fun and bond. What matters most is that you find an activity that works for both of you and commit to doing it regularly. Trying different activities is also a great way to keep things fresh - who knows, maybe your dog will surprise you with their hidden talents! And finally, don't forget about the little things like walking or playing fetch - even these simple activities can be meaningful when done together. So tell us, what's your favorite thing to do with your furry friend?

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